Pressure Vessule Circular and Longitudinal Welding Use Automatic Welding Column

Pressure Vessule Circular and Longitudinal Welding Use Automatic Welding Column

automatic rotary welding column &boom manipulator CZ4040

1. welding column introduction and primary parameter

one. Introduction

 The welding column which includes the column (including the lifting system,the sliding components,traveling device,anti-tumble insurance units and components),beams (like rack and driver components) and so on.
The Column and beam are all produced of large top quality steel welded collectively, the main weld by automatic submerged arc welding approach, the overall annealing, anxiety reduction, annealing a total folder, planing mill processing to guarantee substantial precision rail and its resistance Grinding, so that the machine security has been enhanced. And the beam work efficiently when functioning.which does not create the impact of welding good quality quiver and horizontal shaking.

  1. Beam lifting system At the leading of the column, the lifting push includes an AC motor with a brake, a mixture worm equipment box, and many others. The mechanical travel method has a self-locking operate. The lifting chain is mounted on the sprocket of the output shaft. One particular conclude of the lifting chain is linked with the sliding seat, and the other conclude is linked with a counterweight moving in the column. The limit place of the column is geared up with electrical limit switches and mechanical stops to make certain the basic safety of the products.
  2. The beam has a distinctive anti-tumble insurance coverage unit, when the beam accidental fall, anti-drop gadget can right away start off instantly stop slipping, with insurance policy. Tumble safety gadget: It is utilised to make sure that the cross beam will not drop when the lifting chain is damaged owing to the support daily life or exterior influence, so as to avoid unnecessary losses to the equipment and personnel.
  3. The beam telescoping adopts gear and racks,AC motor and DC driver.with a huge pace variety,steady and reliable,substantial precision driver. Rack tooth with heat remedy to prolong the services existence.
  4. head configuration electrical carriage, the efficient stroke: a hundred × a hundred mm. The carriage is equipped with a rotating tee and a torch keeping system to allow the torch to deflect at any angle.
  5. The electricity source of beam and column all adopts towline,towline can effectively defend the cable not broken.


  1. The mounted foundation is anchored to the ground with anchor bolts.

2. CZPT parameter

  1. beam horizontal effective stroke:                       4m                       
  2. Beam vertical efficient stroke :                       4m
  3. beam lifting velocity :                          one.0m/min
  4. Beam telescopic velocity:                      .12-1.2m/min
  5. Bear excess weight of the beam end:                      200kg
  6. Electrical power supply:                 AC 380V±10%,50HZ±2%

two.100mm×100mm electric cross-board

The electrical cross board install in the head of welding that the head can up and down,left and appropriate adjustments versatile.
Up and dowm modify distance:100mm
Elevate and appropriate alter distance:100mm

3. If Require other configuration,we can also done according to customer’s prerequisite.
4.In depth pictur of the welding column&growth manipulator 

More thorough welding manipulator photographs:


Pressure Vessule Circular and Longitudinal Welding Use Automatic Welding Column